Thursday, 17 September 2009

Let The Right One In

Today I've watched Let The Right One In,a Swedish horror film directed by Tomas Alfredson,based on the book by John Adjvide Linqvist, who adapted his own screenplay.
This slow burn horror,more of an vampiric Edward Sisscorhands style fairy tale than full on horror.
Sickly schoolkid Oskar,all white and pale and bullied by his schoolmates meets a strange large eyed girl one night when sitting outside his home.
Turns out shes a vampire with her own man-servant who goes out at night to collect blood for her to feed upon.
This soon changes however and Eli has to start feeding for herself.
The two soon care for each other with Eli coming go to Oskars rescue.
The film is more about their relationship than an out and out horror,though there are gorey moments but no more terrifying than Jaws.This is not torture horror and I think the trailer amps up the action/horror more than it is,miss selling what you are going to see.
Recommended. The book is in HMV for about £6 so may have to buy.

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  1. Never saw this when we had it - for some reason i thought it was a football film...