Saturday, 19 September 2009

An American Werewolf In London.

Got the Region free Blu-Ray of An American Werewolf In London today.
This movie is soooo great.
Treading perfectly the fine line between comedy and horror.
What makes this movie work is that you belive all the characters and actually care about them,due to Landis great direction. Apart from Blues Brothers this is his only other great movie in my opinion.
The effects are still amazing,probably still THE greatest werewolf transformation thanks to Rick Baker.
The picture quality is a cut above the DVD slightly.It's still pretty grainy but for a film from 1981
I guess you have to expect it.
Sound is good but the majority is across the front apart from the werewolf circling the 2 boys as they wander across the moors.
Extra freaturs are the same as the last DVD release apart from a fantastic new feature length documentry tells you all you want to know and even visits the original locations here in the UK.
If only DVD docs were like this.
Worth a buy then,as I said this is the US release and its region free.

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