Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Darkside RIP

Sounds like Darkside magazine has finally bit the dust.
First published in 1990 it has lived a life of 140 issues,no mean feat.
I was thinking of dumping it anyway as it continued to roll out the same old video nasties stuff again and again and focused heavily on independent horror,not anything wrong with that just not my cup of tea anymore.
It's rumored to be searching a new publisher,and if it could resurrect as a Sci-fi Now style horror mag it would be hard to resist.
So thanks for the entertainment over the years and RIP?


  1. Bought a lot of the early editions of this ! And a magazine called Fear that was out in the 80's or maybe early 90's !!!

  2. I loved Fear,was gutted when it folded.They produced a fiction mag too,lasted 2 issues,the first had a story by I think Guy N.Smith and was banned in Smiths.