Sunday, 28 February 2010


Watched Pixar's Up yesterday on Blu.
A very moving story.
Amazing picture with great sound,not in your face,good.
Worth a buy on Blu, but what's with the 4 discs!
Movie,Extras,DVD version and Digital copy, which you can only download once to either I-Tunes or WMF.
Which is a bit of a rip. If I want it I'll down load it off the Web anyway give me two goes at least for either format with 2 codes.What if my PC crashes?

Monday, 22 February 2010


Saw Pandorum on Blu this weekend.
A cross between Event Horizon and The Descent.
Nothing really original here,pretty derivative but loads of energy and scares.
The picture quality is fantastic and the sound is simply amazing.
The sub gets a full workout almost all the way through.
Neighbours watch out.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Iron Man Blu sound problem solved

Found out why Iron Man Blu sounds weak.
Apparently there is a problem with playing true HD through the amplifier.
You have to turn off the Dynamic Range, this makes it sound better though it is still a little underwhelming.
This dosn't effect Blu players with on-board Amps though.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Great Blu-Ray surround moments

Had a mate round yesterday to check out my surround system.
Wound up the woofer and here are my top 10 moments and discs:
1.The Dark Knight.
Everything about this disc shines,picture and sound.
It actually feels like the sound track was thought about,where some seem to be just slung on if you get my drift.
Everything Imax is awesome. The great opening, you can literally hear everything from each shell case to the explosions-amazing.
2.Terminator Salvation.
Picture is great and the soundtrack is so LOUD!
The opening with the A-10 Tank busters is amazing, but the giant robot/truck chase will throw you back into your seat.WOW!!
3.Hellboy 2.This movie is so loud. The opening titles especially rock.
4.The Matrix. The opening,the helicopter crash!!
Was a bit disappointed with the big shoot out set to The Propellerheads music.The music seems strangely buried.
5.District 9.
For a low budget movie amazing stuff.Again real thought gone into this.
And most disappointing soundtrack goes to Iron Man.
Terrible,lacks Wow, zing, and generally feels like its been thrown out there.Bad!